Creating A New Future on the Heels of the Pandemic

Let’s create a New Normal. It will be an adventure. It will be fun. We don’t have to get new leaders we have plenty of them right now in the Gilmer County Democratic Party Let’s try to fuse the two parties together. It will be fun. The viral pandemic has already forced us to form a new lifestyle. Perhaps we can move about in society together if the government can support us to the tune of 2 grand a month. Perhaps we can work if the economic rulers can make the workplaces safe. Mostly they would only have to add large, powerful air movers to exhaust the air from a building and sanitize it like they do in hospitals. We cannot eat in restaurants where they do not exhaust the air from the room if we breathe the same air we and the employees will get sick. If Charlies Restaurant did this we would go back to eating there. It’s all about the Air Conditioning if we want to open up Gilmer County to Tourism again. That and distancing along with masks. I don’ t think it’s that hard to make Gilmer Country Safe Again.

When Dan Pearsons Heating and Air, came to my home to work on my Air Conditioner, we used distancing, masks, and gloves. That was a month ago and we are still alive. So it can be done.